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About us

Eco-friendly yoga clothing and accessories

We are enthusiastic about fashion, yoga, our planet and its people. That is why we make the combination of original designs, comfort and eco-friendly, ethically made materials our priority. We use fabrics made of organic cotton and bamboo. They are produced in GOTS certified mills in India and Turkey. This doesn't only ensure a low impact on our planet, it also means the farmers and workers are in a safe environment and are paid appropriately. 

We design and manufacture all our clothing ourselves. After sewing we hand dye each piece, using dyes that are known as low-impact and are classified by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 as eco-friendly. We prefer those over vegetable dyes in order to offer a range of vibrant colours that last, while being conscious of the environment. We enjoy experimenting with natural dyes but believe, that they are not as sustainable on a larger scale because the use of chemical mordants would be necessary to fix the colours. We explain this in detail in one of our blog posts.
All our clothing is made to order to minimise unnecessary waste. 

A little about us

Stella and Hami | Cucur Ethical Clothing

We are Stella and Hami Sharafi; a German and an Iranian living in the wonderfully diverse City of London. We are husband and wife and business partners. 
In our spare time we love travelling and seek inspiration from the places we visit. We also enjoy films and theatre and recharge our batteries with - guess what - yoga. Also Hami enjoys cooking and Stella eating; lucky woman!